Hull Public Consultations – Small Sites Programme 2024

Hull City Council and their partners, Local Partnerships, IDP Architects and ID Planning are working on the ‘Small Sites Programme 2024’ to deliver new social housing in the city across a number of small sites. The selection of the five sites followed an extensive site search exercise which involved looking at several hundred brownfield sites across the city and assessing the suitability and feasibility of those sites before selecting the five sites being brought forward to be developed for housing. The proposals will ensure delivery of new high quality affordable homes with the intention to provide near 100% M4(2) housing providing higher standards for accessible and adaptable dwellings as well as some M4(3) housing providing wheelchair user dwellings. Taken together the proposals will provide high quality new social housing with sustainability at the forefront in the design of the new homes.


The design team have worked closely with the Lead Local Flood Authority (Hull City Council) to provide sustainable drainage solutions on each of the sites and take full account of flood risk issues in the design and layout of each site. Modern and off site construction methods will also be used to enhance sustainability in the construction process whilst other sustainable design features such as solar panels will be included.

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Each site will also have a contemporary and modern feel with careful use of materials having regard to the existing urban character of the area. Some of the proposed housetypes and materials to be used in the design of the dwellings are shown below.

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